Puppy Tales – Our Dog Gus

Gus was a Dalmatian that our family owned in the 1990’s. When he was a puppy and young dog, Gus got into a lot of trouble.  He was hyper and playful and had boundless energy.  When he got older Gus grew into an amazing dog, that touched many lives.

Gus was an early riser.  Every morning, he would start out at Home and make his way to Bill’s house for a treat.  My neighbor Bill said that every morning as he went out to go to work, Gus would be sitting in his carport.  Bill would give him a treat, which he would take and then head back up the street. The next stop Gus made was to visit Major.  Major was a black lab that lived Dr. Joseph and his wife Margaret Beard.  When they were younger Major and Gus got into a bit of trouble.  Now they were older and wiser and just liked to hang out.  When the weather was appropriate, the Beards, would sit out on their back patio, drink coffee and read their newspaper.  Major would lie at their feet and when he got there Gus would join them.When we left out house to go to school and work, Gus would be back in the yard.  For a long time, we knew nothing of his daily escapades.    Then, the unthinkable happened, and Major died.  After that Gus mainly laid around in our yard and slept a lot more.  At least that is what we thought.   I ran into Mrs. Beard one day and  she told me what Gus had been up to.  The first morning after Major was gone, they were sitting outside, drinking coffee and really feeling Majors loss.  Then Gus showed up and he laid down in Major’s spot.  It was such a comforting act to them.  Gus continued to make this daily track until arthritis got the best of him.  Arthritis medicines didn’t seem to help Gus and it was so painful to watch.  We finally had to make a heartbreaking decision to let him go.  Turns out he had still been making trips to visit Bill, although not as frequently.  Gus was a great dog and he brought joy to many people.  Every time I see Bill, he tells me how much he misses Gus.