I have always been envious of other people’s dogs.  They had dogs that were well behaved and not out of control like my dogs.  I finally realized that it wasn’t my dogs it was me.  I am a far from perfect pet owner.  I have and still make a lot of mistakes. Training myself is the best way for me to do better.

My current dog is a Pit Bull, Stella.  It is really important to have a Pit Bull trained.  People judge Pit Bulls and think that they are vicious dogs.  My dog is not vicious but she can be dangerous.. Stella is that she is 100% solid muscle.  She is almost a year old but she is still very much a puppy.  She is a puppy that weighs about 50 pounds of muscle.  When I get home from work every day Stella is so excited and she runs full force at me and jumps on me.  That is what makes her dangerous.  She gets overly excited and could hurt me or someone by jumping on them.  We are working on and some days she does great, other days not so much.  If I do not spend the time and train her not to jump, then she could really hurt an older person or a child.  So we are going to conquer this, one jump at a time.

I started out with Puppy Training for Stella with Jane Fink at Anderson Dog Works.  Stella completed the first training level and Anderson Dog Works and it was a great start for her.  The absolute best command was teaching Stella to sit and watch.  I signed Stella up for the second class, unfortunately she was an early bloomer and was unable to attend due to being in heat.

Without the Watch command, I could never get these silly photos of Stella.